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What’s in My Bag?

What’s in My Bag?

Nothing makes me feel more refreshed than organizing my items and space. Mid-spring is the perfect time to clean my closet, moving the heavily layered items to the back and the light, bright-colored ones to the front. In addition, cleaning out my bag — and even switching it over — makes me feel like I’m starting new, carrying less crap around with me.

The bag I’ve been carrying around on and off (but mostly on) for the last 2 or 3 years is the Longchamp ‘Large Le Pliage’ Tote in New Navy. I love so many things about it; the size, the versatility, the fact that it’s practically Hermione’s bag in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in the sense that I can fit ANYTHING into it… the list goes on! But with spring in full swing — unintentional rhyme, I promise — I decided to switch over to a bag that I got for Christmas, which is the ultimate spring/summer bag.

longchamp bag purse navy
Cue “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. See you again in the late fall, my love!


So while I was switching over the contents of my purse, I decided that — like many bloggers — I would do a “What’s in My Bag?” post. (Although, this is technically “what WAS in my bag” but I digress.) I’m going to give it to you straight: I carry around a lot of random shit. Straight-up garbage and melted gum tend to gravitate toward the bottom of most of my purses after a few months of use. And I’m not going to spare you anything. Fellow hoarders of items in handbags, gather around, grab a seat, and read this relatable-as-hell post.


What’s In My Bag?

My wallet

Duh, of course this is in my bag. This wallet — from J. Crew in 2013, I believe — has been with me through thick and thin. It hasn’t judged my impulse purchases — like that time I spent $13 in Hostess snacks from Cumberland Farms when I was drunk on a Thursday night. My friends knew what table we were sitting at in my college cafeteria based on the bright coral they’d catch on a table in their peripheral vision. It’s never let me down. But it’s in need of a good clean, so I’m going to put this baby aside for a while.

J Crew wallet pink coral

What’s in my wallet, you might ask? $5.44 in change, 2 old grocery lists, 12 miscellaneous receipts, a ticket for an Improv Asylum show I saw in September, a Celtics ticket from January, a business card from the guy that helped me at the Verizon store, a coupon I forgot to use, a Red Sox ticket, 2 empty envelopes, $7 in bills, a Wegman’s card, a Metro pass from DC, a Regal Cinemas Card, Panera card, empty Dunkin gift card, a Caffé Nero punch card, my student ID from college, my T pass, my license, a Starbucks card, a Rite Aid card, a Visa debit card, a Marylou’s gift card, a AAA card, and 5 used Charlie Tickets.


2 pairs of headphones

Yes, 2! Not 1! I’ve got my newer pair, which came with my iPhone 7, and my old pair, which I use at the gym, beach, and anywhere I might get sweaty. Don’t want my new headphones to get ruined by ear sweat this early on into the game!

Apple headphones
I just use what comes with the iPhone because 1. I’m cheap as hell and 2. Other earbuds are too big for my ears and make me feel like my ear is pushing out a baby whenever I take them out.


Lip stuff

Even though my lips are always super chapped, I like to at least have the option to put lip balm or lipstick on. The 3 I carry around everywhere are the eos lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet (because there’s something special about applying lip balm with a sphere), a Revlon Balm Stain in the color Honey Douce, and an old L’Oreal lipstick in a dark mauve shade.


FitBit charger and iPhone charger

I don’t have to justify why I carry these around. This is 2017; we’re bound to our electronics whether we like it or not.

iphone charger fitbit charger


My keys

Which are on a keychain from Marc Jacobs that I got maybe 8 or 9 years ago, when I was too unimportant to carry any keys. I have my 2 apartment keys — one to get into the building and the other to get into the unit — and my house key.




I’ve been carrying these around in my bag for months, waiting for the time to come up in which:

  1. I get so hungry on my commute that I feel faint and then remember, Oh yeah! I have those almonds! And have a slow-motion movie montage-esque moment with the almonds, ripping open the bag and biting into each nut while George Michael plays. I know you’re cringing, and I’m cringing twice as hard.
  2. A fellow passenger on the T collapses and someone yells, DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY FOOD?! And I’ll say, “I DO!” Then I would run to the unconscious person, ripping open the bag — while George Michael plays, again — and place the first almond onto this person’s tongue, watching their eyes open as they regain consciousness from the nutrition of a single almond. “Thank you!” this person would exclaim, tearing up, as the rest of the passengers on the T applaud. Flash forward to 2 days later and I’m accepting a medal of honor from the mayor of Boston for my display of courage and preparedness.

So that’s why I carry these almonds on me.

almonds healthy life



I got into the habit of carrying deodorant around regularly when I was going to gym every day at work, but now I just carry it around because I just don’t want to smell sweaty. I’m currently using Dove Advanced Care but I don’t love it so I might not buy it again.

dove advanced care deodorant


Sunglasses case + sunglasses

Unfortunately, my sunglasses are currently in my boyfriend’s car, so I couldn’t include those in the picture. Ray Ban is great; their sunglass shapes look good with my big, round head and you can get a great deal on them at outlets. I got my pair for $40.

ray ban



This is where it gets bad. Whenever I buy something, instead of recycling the receipt in the nearest bin, I hoard them like I’m actually going to remember to return something someday. My receipts were from Athens Diner in Vermont, 6 from Dunkin Donuts (which I thought would be a lot more, actually), 2 from Starbucks, from the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (which I wrote a full post about here), and from the Vizcaya Museum’s café.



A loose dime

Loose dime, what are you doing here? Nobody invited you! You should have stayed home in the coin section of my wallet, but no! You showed up, ate all my food, stood in the corner the whole time so you could be close to an outlet to charge your phone, and didn’t refill the Brita. Go home, loose dime.



My current book

For once, I’m reading something I’m somewhat proud of! Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace is a collection of post-modern essays by the footnote-loving guy himself.

consider the lobster david foster wallace


Glasses case + glasses

I need glasses for seeing things far away, like plays, movies (sometimes), sporting events, etc. I’ve had the same glasses for years and feel like I don’t need them enough to justify buying a new pair. I probably wear them for about 2 hours a week total.



And that’s it! I recycled or stored a good amount of the junk taking up this purse and moved the other items into my new purse, a light, rose-colored Kate Spade bag. I couldn’t find the exact one I have online, but it’s pretty similar to this one. It was a Christmas gift that I was looking forward to using, and now that spring is in full swing, I figured it would be the perfect time to get some use out of this beautiful bag.


To me, switching bags is a necessary way to keep my wardrobe fresh. It’s almost a form of spring cleaning!


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