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Ch-Ch-Changes: Life Update, May 2017

Ch-Ch-Changes: Life Update, May 2017

I wanted to post a quick update about two new and exciting things in my life. As of now, I’ve been working my current job since October and living in Boston since November. However, as a 23-year-old, my life is bound to go through some changes. I’m thrilled to be making two huge announcements…

1. I’m starting a new job!

To maintain a little bit of discretion, I’ve decided not to share the name of my old and new companies on my blog. However, my decision to go down a different path doesn’t come from a poor experience with my old company; in fact, it’s a top-ranking company on Glassdoor in terms of Employee Experience! It comes down to one thing: passion.

I’m currently in Sales Operations. I’m not on the phone with clients, but I’m doing some behind-the-scenes work for salespeople. I took this job in the hopes that I can move into a copyediting position internally, but the Editing department is pretty miniscule and in low demand for new employees. In short, I didn’t really see anywhere for myself to grow within the company.

That’s when I came across the posting for a Copywriter at a smaller company that boasts a startup culture but with an established business presence. The process moved so quickly, maybe lasting about two weeks from my first phone interview. Walking into the in-person interview, I could immediately tell they were going to hire me. Although there is a salary increase from my previous role, money was not a factor in my decision.

Putting in my two weeks notice was nerve-wracking but my boss was extremely supportive, remarking that this new job was a much better fit for my creative mind. My last day at my current company is May 10th, a Wednesday. My original plan was to have Friday (the 12th) as my last day, but I have enough extra personal time to get paid for Thursday and Friday. This means I’ll have two weekdays off to prepare myself, relax, and recharge for my new role.

That being said, I am pleased to say, I am going to be a professional writer, at last! And not even a Junior Copywriter, a (regular, non entry level) Copywriter!

2. I’m moving back home!

Yes, I’m saying this with an exclamation point, not a groan, as many people my age would.

When I had just graduated from college and was living at home, I wasn’t too happy; with the tedious job hunt, working my high school job, and just not feeling like I had control over anything in my life, I was in a massive rut. Getting a job improved things immensely, but the commute was taking a toll on me, so I decided to move out, to Chestnut Hill. Well, here I am again, in a rut.

Where did this rut come from? I thought living away from home would solve everything! Not quite.

  1. I wasn’t saving much, between student loans, rent and utilities, and other expenses. I could easily overlook this if the other reasons were not so substantial.
  2. It’s a tenant at will rental agreement, so I don’t get anything I put into the apartment back in tax deductions.
  3. I’m not close with my roommates, which is fine, but I find myself feeling lonely sometimes.
  4. My commute from Chestnut Hill is pretty bad, not enough to justify paying over $800/month — a good Boston rent — to shave 20 minutes off my commute.
  5. I’m never in my apartment. Just to clarify, in the month of April, I spent 4 nights at my apartment.
  6. I will be moving into a new apartment in September — I just need the landlord to approve — so I won’t be staying in this apartment much longer anyway.
  7. And the most important reason of all… My sister is coming home for the summer and I want to spend time with her. I haven’t seen her since October of 2015 (yes, you did read that correctly) since she moved to Australia, so hanging out with her and spending family time is really important to me this summer.
labradoodle cockapoo dog puppy changes
Plus, I get to move in with these little angels!


I’m really looking forward to these two new changes in my life. Although they’re both a little nerve-wracking, I know that both of these new life events will benefit my present and future.


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  • OMG those doggies are too cute! Boston is a great town but it is a very expensive place to live. You are wise to cut your expenses for now even if it means returning home for a while. You are just in the early stages of your career and you are correct to expect many changes coming your way in the future.

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