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Blogger Recognition Award | The Girl on the T

Blogger Recognition Award | The Girl on the T

I was recently nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Christie from the blog Girl Sees the World. Thanks, Christie! She’s my sister, so I would have been a little pissed if she hadn’t nominated me. But she did, so you should totally check out her blog, which focuses on all aspects of travel. She just got back from living abroad for almost 2 years in Australia and New Zealand, so until she gets going on her next adventure, I’m able to spend some time with her and reflect on blogging.

When another blogger nominates you for this award, there are a few steps that you need to take to accept:

  • Thank the nominating blogger
  • Write a post about the award
  • Share a story of how and why you started your blog
  • Offer at least two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  • Pass on the nomination to another 15 bloggers
  • Respond to the nominating blogger with a link to this post on their blog


Want to discover 15 other bloggers I feel deserve the recognition? Want to learn about why I started blogging? Read on!

Blogger Recognition Award


What inspired you to create The Girl on the T?

The Girl on the T has been active for only a few months, but my experience in writing goes way back. When I was little, I was constantly writing stories — my favorites from my childhood include a story about puppies escaping a pound and a football player getting a touchdown by throwing the football through the goalposts, back when I clearly didn’t know how football worked but wanted to impress a football player in my elementary school class. My dad recently came across a 150-page “book” I wrote in sixth grade. Writing is something I’ve been innately good at for as long as I can remember. Even now, I’m a professional writer.

When I was in college, I kept a blog, which I’d post on inconsistently. I honestly don’t know the URL, otherwise I would have shared it. I wrote about campus events I took part in and documented my experience at college, sparing the “vomiting into someone’s bed” details and “having to get let back into my room in my underwear by a male R.A.” story. My college paid its bloggers, but though I applied for this campus work study, I didn’t get accepted. I did all this for free, but I loved it.

After I graduated in 2016, I pursued the job hunt and finally started my first full-time corporate job in October. It was a job I hadn’t applied for — I applied for an Editor position within this company — but was called in to interview for an entry-level sales operations job instead. I took the job hastily, just glad that I could move away from home and start adulthood. Two months in, I was hit with a huge realization: This isn’t what I want to do. I felt uninspired, lost, and without passion for a while. I wasn’t doing what I love to do; I wasn’t writing.

That’s when I used my mediocre WordPress skills to buy a URL and create my blog as it is today. I wasn’t consistently posting, as my long commute and long work day kept me busy from 6:15 AM to 7:30 PM every night. But my blog kept me sane while I worked a job I didn’t like, dedicating over 12 hours a day to a soul-sucking commute and job I didn’t like.

Writing my blog inspired me to start applying for writing jobs, as this was my true talent and passion. Finally, I was offered a full-time copywriting position at a different company in late April and started it in mid-May. Now, I work a writing job I enjoy and spend my free time writing and promoting my blog. My daily views have tripled since I got on a routine — posting every Friday morning — and began writing content that is succinct and in my voice.

I’ve made $0.18 through my blog, which I’m not able to redeem until I reach a $100 threshold anyway. If I never make money through my blog, I won’t mind; it’s something I enjoy doing and people enjoy reading. I appreciate my friends and family members that read my blog, whether you stuck with me since the beginning or just started. You guys are da bomb!



What advice do you have for new bloggers?

Don’t expect to make money. If you’re lucky, you might make money eventually! But don’t start doing it just for the money. With the amount of time and money you’ll put into your blog, you’d be better off earning cash through a side hustle. Instead, focus on your writing and perfecting your craft. Find out what you love to write about and what you’re good at writing about.

Don’t feel like you need a niche. The most profitable bloggers have a niche, but most don’t start with one in mind. Understand that if you give yourself one specific topic to write about, you could be seriously limiting yourself. If you become bored of this topic, you’re in big trouble. Don’t be afraid to start as a lifestyle blogger until you find a niche you’re passionate about. Or just be a lifestyle blogger forever. If your content is good, people will read it.

Nothing bugs me more than an established blogger sharing a post with multiple typos throughout. We’re all human; accidents happen. But if you’re making money from your blog or have a significant following, I honestly think it’s lazy if you have a misspelled word or — even worse — don’t understand when and how to use apostrophes! Run any blog post drafts by a trusted friend or family member so you can get a second set of eyes on your work. As a professional writer — I still love saying that, no matter how pretentious it sounds — I know how hard it can be to edit my own work. I run most of my blog posts by my dad before I share them. He’s also a professional writer and editor, so he’ll totally call out any typos I had in my first draft.


Shout out to these cool bloggers!

Lauren Rabadi | Blogging BFFs

Lauren gives advice to other bloggers about starting and maintaining a successful blog. She’s a social media expert who wants her readers to get their blogs off the ground. Her most recent post, Self Care Challenge: 9 Bedtime Rituals To Start Doing ASAP, is all about winding yourself down before bed so you can get the best sleep possible.


Melanie | The Traveling Ladybug

First of all, Melanie’s logo is adorable. She has a severe case of the travel bug and wants to share all of her adventures with her readers. Honestly, all of her travels make me super jealous; after checking out her blog for the first time, I wanted to drop everything and book an international trip. Her last post, Top 5: Last Minute European Destinations that Won’t Break the Bank, offers some great options for people to travel on a budget.


Carlos + Matilda

Travel bloggers I can relate to! Woohoo! Carols and Matilda are travel-lovers in their twenties who are realistic, working full-time jobs and traveling whenever they get the chance. They haven’t quit their jobs and don’t plan on it — sound familiar? — and blog because they enjoy it. Their latest post, Days Out in Cornwall: Chapel Porth, documents a gorgeous day trip.


Nora Spaulding

Nora is a lifestyle blogger in her twenties whose main goal from her blog is to inspire and motivate others. She’s inspirational and optimistic, perfect for both bloggers and non-bloggers. Her latest post, Bloggy Brunch, in which she shares some posts she’s been loving this month.


Lara Kadillak | The Pink Kadillak

Lara’s site is gorgeous and her name is punny and feminine. What’s not to love? As a part-time comedian and full-time teacher, she’s got a pretty busy life. However, she manages to keep her blog on-point and consistent! Her blog focuses on multiple topics, but my favorite that she covers is body positivity, being confident in your body no matter what size you are! Her latest post, What’s Old Are My Favorite Things, is a fashion entry all about vintage clothes, featuring the most amazing pink dress that perfectly matches her blog’s aesthetic.



Of all the blogs I’ve come across, this is one of the only ones I’ve found about this topic. Tinylovebug focuses on dating and relationships. Yes, even though so many songs cover the topic of love, not a lot of blogs out there cover this topic. This blog has a staff of multiple people, which allows for multiple perspectives and opinions. Their latest entry, 5 Tested Books Every Single Woman Should Read to Feel Great, is perfect for any woman contemplating wearing all black next Valentine’s Day. Being single is fun  and freeing and women should feel empowered, not ashamed, of being independent. Though I’m happily in a relationship, I’ve been single for a huge portion of my semi-adult life, so this post still resonates.


Brandi Soileau

Brandi is a fashion blogger focused on affordable yet trendy pieces that the everyday girl can buy and wear. She’s got incredible style and includes great photos and copy for each post. Even better, she links the styles so her readers can check everything out too! Her latest post, One-Shoulder Blue and White Striped Top & White Distressed Jeans, shows off a perfect summer outfit that anyone can afford!


Sonja | Stylefullness

Sonja’s blog has a gorgeous aesthetic. As a fashion blogger, it seems necessary to have a gorgeous, photo-ridden blog, and Sonja is no exception. ‘Tis the Season of Statement Trousers shows readers how to style this gorgeous piece of menswear.


Brittney Sutherin | T&B Blog

Brittney is a travel blogger — can you tell by now that I love travel bloggers? — who recently discovered her niche. Her last post, Tips & Tricks on Eating & Travel + Interview with EgerFitness, talks about food and health while traveling. It’s imperative to stay healthy while on the go. As someone who has been sick while traveling, it’s not fun, so getting as many nutrients as possible is key.


Sveva | Svadore

Svadore is a luxury travel blog. She likes to visit countries and cities that are somewhat off the beaten path. Although her focus is on luxury travel, she writes about experiences that are more affordable as well. A 3-Day Guide to the Island of Mykonos, Greece follows an incredibly beautiful trip she recently went on to one of my dream destinations.


Caitlin | One Haute Mess

Caitlin is a mom blog I can get behind. I’m normally not a big fan of mom blogs, but she covers topics that even I — a non-parent who honestly prefers dogs to children at this point in my life — can enjoy. Outfit: Graphic Tees is a fashion post about how to add some edge to your wardrobe with graphic tees without looking too hardcore.


For the Love of Paws

This is a blog dedicated to pet nutrition, with a special focus on dogs. If you know me at all, you know that I’m obsessed with dogs. The fact that this blog made it onto the list shouldn’t be a surprise. The most recent post is a review about a specific type of leash. So cute!


Nikki | Salads and Selfies

Salads and Selfies is a health and fitness blog that encourages the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. It’s about self-love and taking care of yourself. Pretty awesome! Nikki’s latest recipe is a Hangover-Free Tequila Grilled Chicken. Although the alcohol is what draws me to tequila in the first place, this sounds like a creative, feel-good meal.




I’m so used to see mom blogs on the internet, but what I’ve never seen before (until now) is a dad blog! GetConnectDad is targeted to both mothers and fathers who want to perfect their parenting skills. Though I’m far away from being a parent — unless you consider the massive food-baby I carry around several times a week — I can totally get behind this well-designed, clever site. My favorite part is the 52 Traits section, which underlines the traits most parents want their children to embody and how parents can encourage these traits in their kids.


The Décologist

To quote the source itself, “The Décologist supports crafts-based social enterprises (CBSEs), providing an online platform to promote their products and stories, and a forum for sharing knowledge centred around ethical, fair trade and sustainable crafts practices.” Independent craftspeople have a platform to promote their products and give and receive advice on their businesses through The Décologist.


Thanks again to Christie from Girl Sees the World for nominating me for this award!



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