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My 23rd Birthday Weekend

My 23rd Birthday Weekend

I aged one year since my last blog post! That’s right, this girl is now 23, which, according to Blink-182, means nobody likes me. But that’s okay! My birthday week was pretty busy and exciting, so I decided to dedicate a blog post to recap the days leading up to and following my big day.

Wednesday, April 12:

I got discounted tickets from a coworker to see the Red Sox play the Orioles, so I brought Matt with me. We grabbed some dinner and a drink at Game On before the game. We saw the first pitch and got settled in our seats before the crowd came through, since we actually arrived early to the game.

Birthday Fenway Park Red Sox

Birthday Red Sox Fenway Park

Unfortunately, the Orioles destroyed the Sox pretty early into the game. We finished with a sad score of 5-12. The one good thing about blow-out weeknight games is that a ton of people leave early, so Matt and I moved down even closer to the field for the last three innings to join two of my friends who had gotten tickets through work. Despite my exhaustion, I stayed up until midnight to ring in the birthday!


Thursday, April 13 — My Birthday:

My birthday! Woohoo!

At work, my boss brought bagels in so we could have a team breakfast for my birthday. It was a good start to my morning, just relaxing and bonding with the team! The rest of the work day I tried to stay busy so the day could fly by, which it did!

Matt made a 7:00 reservation for dinner, so we had some time to kill. He had heard about a free hard cider tasting that occurs weekly at a liquor store in Beacon Hill every Thursday, and since I love cider, we made the trip. The orchard in which the cider is made is right near where Matt and I went to college in Vermont; both of us had even been to Champlain Orchard but neither of us had tried their cider. We got a tasting of a flight of four ciders, and I decided to buy one, the limited release Asian Pear cider.

The dinner Matt planned was at Stephanie’s on Newbury Street, where I’d never been. The beautiful weather influenced me to get a glass of Pinot Grigio to drink, but I still craved the comfort of pasta bolognese. Matt went for a beer — not sure which, whoops! — and chicken pot pie. While I went to the bathroom, Matt told the waitress it was my birthday, so after the meal came, the waitress came by with a piece of chocolate cake with a candle. Dinner was delicious and it was a great time!

If you know me at all, you know that I’m a diehard Survivor fan. Since we missed Wednesday’s episode because of the Red Sox game, we watched the episode before bed. It was the craziest episode, so it was a perfect way to end my birthday! (If you don’t watch Survivor or haven’t heard about what happened, check out what happened. It made national news!)

Birthday Stephanie's Newbury Street


Friday, April 14:

Today was a huge day for my family, but I’ll get to that later! I went to work and right after, Matt and I drove down to Duxbury, my hometown, to be greeted by my parents, my dog, and… (drumroll…) my parents’ new puppy!

Introducing Maddie, the sweetest little cockapoo!

Birthday Cockapoo Puppy

My parents have been thinking about getting a second dog for a long time. After months of thinking, they finally took the leap! We already had our 12-year-old labradoodle, Chloe, AKA my favorite thing in the entire world. With my dad’s and sister’s dog allergies, we needed to get another hypoallergenic dog. My parents contacted a cockapoo breeder from Wisconsin and a month or two later, Maddie flew in (on a United flight, yikes!)! We were nervous that Chloe would be jealous or standoffish, but she’s actually responded really well to Maddie. Sometimes Maddie annoys Chloe a little — the looks Chloe gives me remind me of Jim’s glances at the camera in The Office — but overall, she’s been very loving to her. They even cuddle sometimes, both on the floor and on Chloe’s bed!

Birthday Dogs Cuddling Puppy

My parents, Matt, and I celebrated my birthday with pizza, ice cream, and my favorite board game, Monopoly, which I’d been wanting to play. Matt didn’t have the best luck but my dad did, and even though I had some of the best properties, my dad took the win.


Saturday, April 15:

We played with Chloe and Maddie for a big chunk of Saturday. Maddie got some visitors, including some relatives, family friends, and my friends. Of course she was a huge hit!

Matt and I decided to take advantage of the nice day, so we grabbed some coffee at Marylou’s, my favorite coffee on the South Shore, and went for a walk by Duxbury Beach. The wind was pretty crazy, but the sunshine kept us warm.

Birthday Duxbury Beach Powder Point Bridge

Birthday Duxbury Beach Powder Point Bridge Bay

When we got back, we took the dogs for a walk around the block. Even though Maddie’s legs are short, she kept up pretty well! My parents ordered Thai food for dinner, which the four of us ate together, but then Matt headed out and back up to Boston. My parents and I watched some Jeopardy and I watched some Thirteen Reasons Why before bed.


Sunday, April 16:

Happy Easter Sunday! We started the day by taking the pups for a walk around the neighborhood. My aunt and grandmother came over for Easter, so we had a relaxed lunch outside. Nana had her birthday in late March, so we had a cake to celebrate our birthdays. We brought out some birthday hats and, like most obnoxious dog owners, got the pups involved!


Birthday Hat Cockapoo Puppy
Maddie felt very festive, but Chloe felt a little camera-shy in the background, drinking some water probably.

We took the dogs for another walk around the block, but this time, Maddie didn’t have a lot of energy, so my dad had to carry her half of the way. The rest of the evening was pretty low-key; I watched more Thirteen Reasons Why — can you tell I’m obsessed? — and went to bed pretty early. I had just a 2-day week ahead of me, since I’m going on vacation on Wednesday! (Prepare for a blog post or two about my trip once I get back!)

In all, it was an action-packed yet relaxing birthday week filled with excitement, family, and cute fuzzy friends!

Birthday Cockapoo Puppy


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