This girl walks into a bar and asks, "What's the Wifi password?"

All About Me

Who am I?

I’m Lexi, a 23-year-old Copywriter living and working in Boston. I’ve lived in the Greater Boston Area for almost my entire life, born and raised on the South Shore in Massachusetts. In high school, I participated in the drama club, played guitar in a few rock bands, and spent my free time writing.

I pursued English, Theatre, and Creative Writing as my paths in college. I went to a small liberal arts school in Vermont called Saint Michael’s College. College is really where I started to build my confidence and hone my writing skills. I’ve written pieces across a broad range of media, including short fiction, poetry, playwriting, travel writing, and creative nonfiction writing, along with the shitload of essay-writing I had to do during my 4 years.

But this isn’t a resumé here. Let’s dig into the good stuff.


The Girl on the T:

This blog was born when I was working my first job in sales, desperately hoping I would transition into a writing job. Writing was my creative outlet, something I knew I was good at; my blog has been a way to express myself in my creativity and share this with others on a public format. When I finally got an offer for a writing job at a different company, I knew that along with being a professional writer working a 9-to-5, I wanted to keep up with my blog. So, when I’m not writing for work, I’m writing for pleasure!

The Girl on the T is a lifestyle blog, also known as an “I don’t want to write about just one topic” blog. I write about what I want to write about and try to do so with a little humor. And I don’t glorify things. Some bloggers keep only the “good” stuff, leave out the “bad” stuff, and make themselves out to be a manic pixie Instagram girl. That’s just not me.

Where does the name come from? The MBTA (“the T” for short) is the public transportation system in Boston. It’s pretty terrible, runs late all the time, and is honestly very unsanitary. But with my long commutes into the city, it’s absolutely necessary. I am “the girl on the T” in literal terms every single day, praying for no delays and preventing strangers from talking to me by wearing headphones, even if I’m not listening to anything. The Girl on the T (both as a proper and common noun) is part of my identity now.


If you want to keep up with me on a day-to-day basis, check out my social media! You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and BlogLovin’! Enjoy!


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