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17 Tips for the Best Vacation to Miami, Florida

17 Tips for the Best Vacation to Miami, Florida

My recent trip to Miami — which I also wrote a post about here — was exciting, fun, and very relaxing. That being said, I definitely could have done a little more research before the trip. With my birthday weekend right before the trip, I was pretty busy. I barely planned anything specific or looked up places or restaurants to see before leaving. Whether you’re planning a trip to Miami soon or just want to learn from my mistakes, I’ve created a list of tips that would have helped me a little before I took my first steps along Ocean Drive. Prepare yourself for some Miami (ad)Vice. (Okay… I’ll go home.)



1. Hosts and hostesses outside of restaurants will beckon you to join them. Don’t feel obliged.

At first, I was taken aback by the upfront, somewhat aggressive approach that staff members of various Ocean Drive restaurants take. At first, I would reply to the hostesses, saying “no, thank you” as we walked by their sales pitches, but by the end of the trip, I realized that just ignoring them is fine enough. It definitely takes some getting used to.

2. Check to see if the service charge is included in your check.

Where I live, service charges are usually only added if groups are made up of 6 or more people. In Miami, many checks include a 15% service charge and others include a 20%. If the service is great, you might want to add a little extra, but if the service charge is already added into your total, don’t feel like you have to!

Miami ocean drive restaurant

3. Food is pretty expensive.

Of course you can find cheap places to eat, but a majority of the big restaurants are pretty pricey. Don’t allow this to inhibit you, but definitely be aware of the fact that it’s not a cheap city.

4. Go on Yelp.

While most of the restaurants in Miami are great, there are lots of duds out there. My friends and I made that mistake one morning, when we got an overpriced, crappy breakfast. If we had gone on Yelp and seen its 2-star rating, we probably would have avoided it. On the other hand, we wouldn’t have discovered some of the best places we went to without Yelp. Use it!


5. People go out so late here, and they stay out super late too.

In Boston and in college, I’ve gotten used to starting pre-gaming around 9:00 PM, leaving to go out around 10:30 PM, and staying out until before 2:00 AM. That’s not how it is in Miami. People head out after midnight and oftentimes stay out until after 5:00 AM… Some of the most intense partiers stay out until 8:00 AM and spend all of the next morning and afternoon sleeping. The latest I was able to handle was 3:30 AM, but it was a solid effort.

club party liv miami nightclub story e11even

6. You’re going to have to dress to impress. For real.

In Boston, going out in jeans and boots or flats is totally normal. Not in Miami! People really dress up to go to clubs; bouncers will turn away people that aren’t dressed well enough. Yes, that means heels for women. Since I didn’t do my research before going, I had to buy a cheap pair of heels during my visit. Bring some in your carry-on to save you the hassle!

7. If you’re a lady and you’re attractive, don’t pay for club entry.

PC? Not really. True? Very. Promoters walk the beaches, streets, and even club interiors looking for attractive girls to bring to their tables. The goal is to make the club look more desirable. I’m still not positive how I feel about this whole thing, but it worked okay for me. Apparently, some promoters can be brutal, turning girls away if they aren’t hot enough or cutting the least attractive girls from his/her table when there’s overcrowding. If this is the case, don’t take it personally; it’s just (clubbing) business.

Bonus tip: Posting a picture on Instagram with one or two friends with a popular Miami hashtag is a good way to get promoters to comment, follow, and DM you. Just check to make sure he or she is legit!

An example of Instagram comments my friend got after posting a bikini picture. Definitely worth changing your Insta settings to “Public” for the weekend.

8. Drinks are super pricey. Even water.

It’s no surprise that some of the more exclusive clubs serve up mixed drinks with top shelf liquor, making your vodka soda upwards of $20. What surprised me is how much these clubs charge for water. Rather than serving up tap water for free — as I’ve experienced in the Northeast and the U.K. — bartenders serve bottled water, oftentimes charging $8-10 for it. If you’re completely parched, you might have to splurge, but I’d hold off otherwise.


9. Prepare for humidity.

I’m lucky that my hair doesn’t blow up or frizz in humidity — as I have naturally pin-straight hair — but this might be something to prepare for. Bring some hair product along to tame the mane.

10. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.

I actually didn’t get a terrible burn this time around, but my last trip to Florida had me looking like a straight-up lobster. Even if it’s a cloudy day, lather on the SPF!

Miami South Beach jetti

11. Have a backup plan in case of rain.

Have an option in mind if you do have a rainy day in Miami, whether it’s the World Erotic Art Museum or the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (the latter of which has its own blog post coming!). You can’t go to the beach every day.

12. Technically you’re not supposed to drink on the beach, but people do it anyway.

Same thing goes for the beach in my hometown. Just keep it low key and don’t get obnoxious.

Mystic River Dennis Lehane Corona Beer South Beach Miami


13. You might be a minority, fellow white people.

I grew up in a predominantly white town, attended a predominantly white college, and studied abroad in a predominantly white country. I’m used to being in the majority. However, in Miami, you might find yourself being the only white person in the room. This isn’t a tip necessarily, just an interesting fact that’s pretty cool about visiting Miami or any other culturally and racially diverse city.

14. Don’t feel like you have to look “Miami hot.”

“Miami hot” is a phrased I coined during my trip. Basically, women in Miami look way different than women from Boston, just as beautiful women from L.A. and Vermont look different, for instance. Beauty standards are different in each of these locations and you don’t have to assimilate. The ideal woman in Miami is curvy with a tiny waist, a body that’s near impossible to achieve without the help of plastic surgery. Don’t feel self-conscious; the beauty ideals where you’re from may be differ from the tanned, extreme hourglass ideal in Miami.

hot girl miami bathing suit
Source: @mybeautifulgiselle
hot girl miami
Source: @stephs_music

15. Ubers and Lyfts are… actually very cheap.

I was afraid that ride-sharing services would be super expensive down in Miami, mostly because everything else is pretty costly down there. However, getting an Uber or Lyft for my three friends and me was very reasonable, whether we were riding to a club or to the airport. Especially if you’re from Boston or New York, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

16. If you’re a light sleeper, bring earplugs.

Miami truly is a city that never sleeps. Every night, the sounds coming from the streets below us — of loud music, shouting, etc. — were noisy enough that I felt like they were partying in our room. On Friday and Saturday, it was at its worst. Fortunately, I was able to get to sleep, but it took a little extra effort on Saturday, when I didn’t have alcohol in my system to put me to sleep.

17. When it comes to your hotel… location, location, location!

Where your hotel or Airbnb is will determine where you go, whether you like it or not, so try to get a room in a prime location. My friends and I got a pretty good price on an Airbnb on Ocean Drive, and we loved the place and location. We could have paid a little less to be set off from the action a little bit, but paying a little extra was worth it for the convenience factor, in my opinion.


Miami is a fun, vibrant, culturally rich city. Although knowing some tips might help you out on your travels, don’t over-research. Be intuitive, adventurous, and spontaneous!


Miami South Beach sunset


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32 thoughts on “17 Tips for the Best Vacation to Miami, Florida”

    • I bet that was amazing! Miami was so much fun — definitely glad I went with friends instead of my boyfriend — but there are so many other beautiful places in Florida I’d love to go to!

  • These are EXCELLENT tips. These are really useful and practical tips. Not just “oh go here and do this”. For someone who doesn’t get to travel much, I would rather read a post like this that talks about possible charges I may not be aware of, using all the sunscreen (especially for someone of my extremely pale complexion). This is a great post!

    • Thanks for the kind words! It was such a great trip, but very hectic, so I hope someone can make good use of these tips!

  • Miami is so much fun! We were all last there about 3 years ago – we took the whole family to South Beach for dinner – it was such a great time! The kids loved it too – the music and the food! And I was really impressed at how the restaurant was so welcoming even though we had kids with us! I also love the architecture! Can’t wait to go back!

    • I bet kids would love South Beach too! Ocean Drive has lots of kid-friendly restaurants, and the beach of course would be a great hit!

  • I would love to visit miami. Have you ever been to vegas. It’s pretty similar, we don’t go out until midnight and don’t come back home til the sun is up. It’s not just the clubbing part. We have the whole casino thing here also that keeps you distracted. One thing i hate about casinos out here is that there are no windows anywhere so you lose track of time and you don’t realize how long you been in there.

    • I actually went to Vegas a year and a half ago! The casinos were seriously such a time-suck. I would sit at a table at 11:00 PM and check the clock on my phone to see that it was 2:30 AM! Vegas would be another fantastic “tips” post. For one thing, I’m super glad I set a gambling budget for myself; otherwise, I would have given in to so many slot machines!

  • I live just a bit north of Ft. Lauderdale and 1+ hours away from Miami. Sounds like you were mostly in Miami Beach which is actually a barrier island off the mainland of downtown Miami. Yeah that’s where you find the beaches, retro architecture, Ocean Drive, South Beach, nightclubs, etc. It’s a tourist mecca so of course the local businesses charge high prices. But there’s so much more to Miami especially on the mainland such as all the yummy and not expensive Cuban restaurants along Calle Ocho (8th Street / Tamiami Trail). You mentioned Vizcaya, there is also the Fairchild Botanical Gardens and the U. of Miami campus in Coral Gables just south of downtown Miami, both great for exploring. It is easy to get around by bus or the elevated trains. If you want to try your hand at gambling, you can take a bus out to the Miccosukee casino which is just a bit further west along the Tamiami Trail.

    • Thanks for the heads up! We barely scratched the surface of Miami; it’s such a busy city, you’d probably need at least a week to hit everything in addition to getting a few beach days in!

    • Yeah, they’re honestly great tools if you’re into the clubbing lifestyle, but it’s definitely cutthroat! Thanks for checking out my blog!

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad that I got a good glimpse of Miami over the course of a week. It was a beautiful city!

  • All these tips make Miami sound very undesirable. Imagine how a girl feels to be rejected from a club, knowing it is because she is not as attractive as others. That is despicable.

    • Unfortunately it happens in a lot of cities. My sister saw it happen a few times in New York City too. (Boston doesn’t have many promoters so I’d never experienced it.) It’s all about making the club look the best. It definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth hearing about that stuff but it’s just the promoters doing their jobs.

  • If I do take a trip here, it would be with kids. This list is very helpful, like people can actually use these tips and it’s not just arbitrary. Thanks so much for the post.

    • I appreciate that! You could definitely do Miami with kids. There are so many awesome, family-friendly spots on Miami Beach!

    • It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the Miami lifestyle, and I didn’t realize a lot of this stuff until I got home! It’s funny that even though I live in the same country, it feels like a different culture. Thanks for checking out my post!

    • Thank you for checking out my blog! Miami was such a beautiful city, I’d love to go back someday!

    • I did! Every city/country has its positives and negatives and I wanted to highlight the negatives too!

  • Thanks for the tips! They can be utilized even not in vacations or in Miami! Great tips! I take uber a lot when i’m in a new place, it’s just the easiest. And checking yelp is always a must to make sure i’m not going to a sketchy or bad place.

    • Totally! Taking an Uber on vacation is the best way to make sure you don’t get lost and waste half the day trying to figure out where you’re going! Sometimes walking to a destination can be nice though, since it allows you to walk down some of the more non-touristy neighborhoods. It’s all about balance!

  • Someday I’d like to check out Miami for just a couple of days – probably too lively for me to last more than that. But it’s crazy that bouncers turn people away that aren’t dressed well enough!

    • I think a couple of days is perfect, especially if you’re not super wild. It’s like Vegas: cool while you’re there, but I could never live there.

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